4 common mistakes when building a binemon squad

When putting together a binemon squad, there are four basic pitfalls to avoid.

This is an article for everyone who is taking part in Binemon, but it is especially helpful for newbie players.

binemon squad

Only concentrate on one statistic or one type of MON when build binemon squad

If you’re like most people, you have a habit of focusing only on one key stat for a type of mon, for example, Titan only focuses on strength, Uni only concentrates on intelligence…

Because each of the three indicators Str, Agi, and INT are crucial, they are all equally relevant since each indicator determines a different sub-index of the mon:

Therefore, the main metric will appropriately judge Mon’s overall strength in the marketplace, while the secondary stat will accurately measure Mon’s overall strength in battle.

  • Str will affect the quantity of health and attack power available to the player.
  • Agi is in charge of determining attack speed and defense.
  • INT influences the rate at which Mana is recovered and the ability to avoid skills, this ability will become more visible as your Mon level increases.

In order to make your squad move further and for a longer period of time, when you fusing Mon, pay attention to “how to build the strongest breed in all three stats.”

Unicorns with a low Str, for example, will have less health and will deal less damage than others. If you have less health, you will die quickly so will not be of much assistance to the squad.

It is highly harmful to be a Titan with a low AGI: it is a champion that takes hits but has weak defense and dies soon. In addition, Titans with low AGI are slow, always attack later, and always activate skills later…

Dogs and cats to rank B, C without fusion with Uni will lead to low INT: low mana regeneration rate and take a long time to use skills, even Mons can die before using skills. When using the skill, the opponent Mons has a dodge rate, and low INT dogs and cats take the full damage of the opponent’s skills.

That is not to say later when you go climbing towers, map, do missions in PVE… Dev can always research to have scenes or bosses that always hit Mon’s common weaknesses.

As a result, if your Mon is poor in a certain stats, it will likely die first and will not be able to complete the stage.

=> Let’s try to make your Mon’s major stats as balanced as possible. This allows your squad to always stay strong, regardless of how the Meta-game evolves.

Suppose you want to create a titan C that has high Str, Agi, and INT stats. You may accomplish this by performing the following steps.

1 Titan C needs the use of 6 Titans E.

  • Pick a Titan E high Str (let’s call it A)
  • Pick a Titan E high Agi (let’s call it B)
  • Pick a Titan E high Int (let’s call it C)

The remaining 3 Titans E can be selected as any type as long as the cost is cheap and reasonable for you, temporarily called D, E, F

  • A + D = A1 (Rank D with high Str)
  • B + E = B1 (Rank D with high Agi)
  • C + F = C1 (Rank D with high INT)

= Titan C rank with high Strength, Agility, and Intelligence (A1 + B1 + C1)

When you have a rank C titan with decent main stats, you may simply earn arbitrary C titans to save money when you go up to B rank

For dogs and cats, it’s the same, except for the C1 breed, you need a dog (or cat) combined with a Unicorn to produce a dog or cat with high INT.

Choosing Mon in focusing on only powerful skills while disregarding Mon’s main stats and secondary stats 

Currently, I observe a lot of players who only concentrate on skills while ignoring Mon’s main stats and secondary numbers, which is a big mistake because:

The main stat is extremely important because it determines the secondary stat, and when Mon levels up, the secondary stats grow as well, on the basis of the sub stats at level 1 and the main stats at level 2. (I aggregated it to see it increase over percent of the sub stat level 1, when 1 level up, dame, def, health increase about 3-4 percent )

I won’t notice much of a difference between a Titan with a strength of 27 and a Titan with a strength of 27.5 at the same low level, but when I get to level 30 and 40 or higher, the difference in health and damage between the two is huge.

Similarly if your AGI and INT titan are low at first you won’t see much difference with the others but as the level gets bigger you will realize it’s your weakness and now it will be very difficult to change your Mon.

Additionally, at the current low level, you will not notice a difference between the C level and the B level, but as you move up the levels of difference will become more noticeable. So if possible, rank up before level up.

As a result, when selecting Mon for the long-term, you must concentrate on the index (you must establish a standard for yourself, for example, titanium C, if I choose to go long-term, STR must be greater than 27.4, AGI greater than 12.05, INT greater than 17; the index is determined by  yours) as well as the skill that is most appropriate for your plan

Focus only on the main stat, not on increasing the level of Mon

As mentioned above, when leveling up, the main index does not change, but the secondary index will change, according to my statistics, when increasing 1 level of Dame, def, the health increases about 3-4%.

This amount of change is quite large, so if you have a level 1 titan B, your secondary stats may be lower than that of a level 10 titan C (because of 1 level, the main stats are 23-30% different while 10 levels are the sub-stats increased 30-40% already)

Having a strong MAIN stat is great, but it is very required to level up on a regular basis for Mon.

As previously said, if you fulfill the standards, you can level up immediately; but, what if you do not fulfill the standards and must wait for the condition to slowly collect?

First and foremost, I want to assure you that the experience points earned for the Mon to the Fusion will not be lost and that there is no possibility that 2 E level 4 + 5 fuses will produce level 1 D Mon by accident (mon you fuse out will have level 4)

The exp of Mon that is fused will be calculated as the average of the mon fuse (this is a prediction based on my calculations, no official announcement yet). The level of the new mon will be determined by its Exp.

As a result, if we don’t have the conditions to rank up right away, we should also level up for Mon food (the low-status mon I acquire for Fusion). We can then set up a secondary account to practice in order to avoid having our primary account’s rank point affected. So that later on, when you level up to Mon, you won’t have to worry about losing any levels.

I’ve become so engaged in the armaments race that I’ve lost sight of the original “PLAY TO EARN” goal.

If you do not have enough potential to equip Titan A and Titan B in your team, do not be too self-deprecating about it and instead focus all of your resources on racing to obtain powerful titans in response to market movements.

In order to earn money while playing this game, you must first study the gameplay, features, and methods of earning money before developing strategies that are suitable for your capital and that allow you to recover your capital as quickly as possible.

Each Mons has their own set of advantages and disadvantages; no one is invincible. In the case of a Titan A, the maximum level will be 60, however, getting an S dog for a lower cost will allow you to achieve level 100.

Winning depends a lot on your skill in arranging your squad, not entirely on how much money you spend. Furthermore in my opinion, when you reach breakeven and profit, it’s already a win!!!

Above are 4 common mistakes when building a binemon squad that players often encounter, I hope it is useful to you. We’ll see you in the next chapter.

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Best regards !!!

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