What is Bsocial – A guide to making money with Bsocial from A-Z (Update 2021)

I. What is Bsocial, and how does it work?

What exactly is Bsocial? This is a new generation decentralized social network that implements the “Social To Earn” principle, allowing users to profit from their social activities in a monetary manner (Like, share, subscribe …)

what is Bsocial

Bsocial is a social networking site that provides a level playing field for everyone. You can earn money at any time, from any location, and with anyone.

  • There is no need for a rigorous KYC process. All of your information is completely secure, and you are the only one who has access to it. All you need is a wallet code, such as Metamask, to get started.
  • No need to wait for approval from Facebook or see if your country is supported to make money from Facebook stars or not? Alternatively, there is no need to wait a month for Facebook to give out stars.
  • There will be no more sharing 30 percent of your fan rewards revenue with third-party platforms, such as YouTube, Gaming, or any other third-party platform.

All completely fair and transparent (P2P)

There are two main currencies that you may earn in Bsocial, which are as follows:

  • DRK coin: Coins you earn through regular activities and tasks
  • BINS token: You earn through “Revenue Sharing” with developer Bsocial

The most important characteristics of Bsocial

  • Cross-chain storage wallet: Store a variety of currencies for users such as BNB, TRX, USDT, ETH, BTC, DRK,…
  • Only Fan: You will only be able to share exclusive stuff with individuals that subscribe to follow you.
  • Messenger is a private peer-to-peer messaging service that protects user privacy.
  • Watched Coin allows you to easily keep track of your preferred cryptocurrencies.
  • Pool: Voting
  • Note: Take note of important events
  • Post: You can post articles in text, photos, or videos, just like you would on traditional social networks.
  • Videos that are streamed in real-time
  • Page

II. How to Make Money with Bsocial

According to the announcement made by the developer Bsocial, you can earn money using Bsocial in the following ways:

2.1/ Content production and sharing

When you generate content (be it text, image, video, Livestream, etc.) that consumers find valuable, they will like it for you, and each like can correlate to a certain number of DRK. They offer you DRK when they like your work (similar to stars on Facebook)

What is Bsocial

Example: When I posted this article, I received 6DRK from those who enjoyed the material I provided

Another instance is when you share a post in which the owner has set up an incentive in DRK coin. For each share, you will receive a corresponding amount of DRK.

For example, in this article, I have set up 5 DRK prizes for the first 10 people who share my article, every time someone shares a post, they will receive 5 DRK, and so on until they reach the 11th person, at which point they will no longer receive any rewards ( by used up 50 DRKs that I installed)

2.2/ Earn money by using the “Subscribe” button

Such as the Only Fan feature, if you are an established content creator with a large following, your supporters will pay a fee (DRK) in exchange for the right to get exclusive content from you.

With this feature, every time someone follows me, they will be charged 1DRK, and some of my content can only be received by those who follow me.

2.3/ Earn money by participating in “Daily Missions”

By completing daily missions, you can earn DRK.

2.3/ Earn money through the “Account Rank” reward

Users’ ranking on Bsocial is determined by the number of followers they have acquired, for each milestone reached, they will earn a matching prize in DRK.

2.4/ Make money with the “Share revenue with Bsocial” feature.

Each new user who registers with Bsocial will require 5000 BINS Tokens in order to activate their account and make use of all of the monetization tools available on this social network. Bsocial will use 50 percent of the earnings to share back to accounts with Platinum Rank or higher, and the remaining 50 percent can be burned to increase the scarcity of the BINS Token.

The total reward for each Rank will be divided equally among the accounts currently in that particular Rank.

For example, the total reward for Platinum Rank is 10,000,000 BINS. With 1,000 Platinum accounts, each account will get 10,000 BINS as their reward.

2.5/ Earn money by purchasing, selling, and swapping NFT Bsocial accounts.

Each Bsocial account is associated with a single Non-fungible Token (NFT). Its worth is determined by the material you have published as well as the number of followers and interactions the account has had. You can simply exchange, buy, and sell items on Bsocial’s marketplace, which is simple to use (coming soon)

More information can be found at: https://docs.bsocial.pro/socialfi/nft-and-marketplace.

III. How to Become a Member of Bsocial

Step 1: Create a Metamask wallet containing the DRK chain network and save it to your computer.

In this step, you just need to create a Metamask wallet according to the instructions at: https://coin98.net/en-metamask

After you’ve created your account, go to https://app.binemon.io/ and click on Connect Wallet.

Then select Switch To DRK and the DRK chain network will be automatically added to your wallet

Step 2: Create a Bsocial account and Activate the account

Visit website: https://bsocial.pro/ and create an account

Sau khi đăng kí hoàn tất, sẽ có một EMAIL KÍCH HOẠT gửi về gmail của bạn, hãy kích hoạt nó

After completing the registration process, and Activation EMAIL will be sent to your Gmail account, please make sure you activate it.

Then log into your account and activate it.

To activate your account, you need 5000 BINS, I will update you after BINS launches

Goodbye, and thank you.

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